The Baby (Zoea) Crab


The Baby (Zoea) Crab

Probably one of the most wonderful series of transformation, from the egg to the perfect fully grown creature is that of the crab. It is difficult to believe that the ungainly crab which is such a familiar object on the sea. shore, is during the early period of its life an active free-swimming little creature with a longish body and numerous delicate legs. From time to time as the little creature grows it casts its skin, and after each casting is seen to have altered to a greater or lesser degree in shape until at last it appears in the familiar form of the shore crab.

URB 1905-02


1 Charles Urban Trading Co 2548  
2 Francis Martin Duncan

3 < 11/1903 50 ft
4 n.c.  


02/02/1905 EspagneValence Hermanos Pradera El pequeño cangrejo de mar Zoea