Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Le Cap est la capitale de l'Afrique du Sud.


*Le Theatrograph de Carl Hertz (juillet 1896)

L'illusionniste Carl Hertz organise une tournée en Afrique du Sud comme le rapporte l'hedomadaire Music Hall and Theatre Review :

Carl Hertz has concluded his highly-successful engagement at the Empire, Johannesburg, and is now touring in South Africa with his own company. Beyond his own entertainment, he is showing the Kinematographe, and Mdlle. D'Alton is appearing as a ballad vocalist.

Music Hall and Theatre Review, London, Friday 17 july 1896, p. 10.

Nous savons qu'il est au Cap avant le 18 juillet. Il est donc possible qu'il y ait offert des représentations :

Carl Hertz sailed from Cape Town for the Tivoli, Melbourne, on the 18th. He speaks in high terms of his reception in South Africa, but complains bitterly of the travelling. His success has everywhere been phenomenal.

Music Hall and Theatre Review, London, Friday 31 July 1896, p. 10.