Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Maritzburg (ou Pietermaritzburg) est une ville d'Afrique du Sud.


Le theatrograph de Carl Hertz (<26> juin 18986)

L'artiste et illusionniste Carl Hertz présente un cinématographe - un theatrograph acheté au britannique Robert W. Paul- à Maritzburg :

MARITZBURG, JUNE 26. -Carl Hertz gave two nights' entertainment in the city to good houses, despite counter attractions. He was admitted to be-which he undoubtedly is-the cleverest illusionist that has ever visited South Africa. His famous illusion, which is entitled "Stroubaika," was a great success. His Cinematographe is one of the marvels of the nineteenth century, and was received with rapturous applause nightly, the views of Waterloo-bridge, Strand, Racecourse, &c., being lifelike. He is assisted by Mdlle. D'Alcon, the musical portion of his entertainment being in this capable hands of Mr David Foote, conductor of the Empire, Johannesburg; and he is piloted by Mr Edgar M. Hyman, of the Empire. The latter gentleman leaves for London, at the end of the tour in Cape Town, to engage new talent for the Empire ; while Carl Hertz leaves by steamer direct for Australia, and Mr Foote returns to Johannesburg, and resumes his conductorship at the Empire. In Durban they showed for five nights to good houses, and left by steamer en route to Kingwilliamstown, Grahamstown, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, and Capetown. Mr Hertz promises a return visit to South Africa at some future time. In Durban the business has been very big. They close to-night.

The Era, London, Saturday 1 August 1896, p. 13.