Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Johannesburg est une ville d'Afrique du Sud.


Le théâtrograph de Carl Hertz (Empire Palace of Varieties, 11 mai-> 8 juin 1896)

L'artiste et illusionniste Carl Hertz revient des États-Unis, par Londres, avant de rejoindre l'Afrique du Sud :

Carl Hertz leaves New York on the 18th, by the St. Paul, and arrives in London on the 25th. He leaves again on the 28th, by the Norman, for South Africa, after which he makes a complete tour of the world.

Music Hall and Theatre Review, London, Friday 13 March 1896, p. 10.

Il inaugure, le 11 mai 1896, ses représentations à l'Empire Palace of Varieties, des frères Edgar et Sydney Hyman. vers la mi-mai 1896. La presse britannique signale la présence d'un cinématographe dans le spectacle :

Johannesburg, May 18, 1896.
At the Empire Mr. Carl Hertz has been exhibiting the Cinematographe to crowded houses.The Stage, London, Thursday 11 June 1896, p. 15.

johannesburg empire programme 1896

The Empire, Cinématographe, 11 mai 1896
(repr. dans PARSONS, 2018, 2. Aucune source indiquée)

Grâce à un autre article, nous disposons de quelques informations complémentaires : 

AT the EMPIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES Messrs Hyman and Alexander are billing one of the strongest combinations of variety artists ever seen in this country. Firstly comes Mr Carl Hertz, the world-renowned conjuror, assisted by Mdlle. D'Alton, in the marvellous illusion " Aerolithe ; or, the Mystery of the Air," which is very neatly performed. Last Monday Mr Hertz produced " The Cinematographe," a wonderful invention and combination of electricity and photography. Considering that such a short time has elapsed since the production of the " Cinematographe " in London, Mr Hertz is to be congratulated on his success.

The Era, London, Saturday 13 June 1896, p. 17.

johannesburg empire palace 1895

The Empire Palace, Johannesburg
Music Hall and Theatre Review, London, Friday 3 January 1896, p. 15.

Le cinématographe de Carl Hertz donne encore des représentations au début du mois de juin :

EMPIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES.-Proprietors, Messrs Hyman and Alexander.-One of the strongest and best combinations of variety artists brought to this country is now appearing at this hall. Mr Carl Hertz and Mdlle. D'Alton are going well with the illusion " Le Cocon," St. John and Dwight in their refined musical act are a good turn, the Sisters Belfry are smart dancers, Mr Charles Garedner is a capital eccentric comedian, Miss Minnie Vivian is a pretty serio and dancer, as is also Miss Jenny Lloyd. The Schallers have made a great success in their comedy sketch Billy's Blunders, and their imitations of Mr Carl Hertz's tricks cause much laughter. Miss Marie Le Blanc is encored nightly, Messrs Maurice and Ross are a good pair of comedians, and Mr Fred Reeves is acceptable. The Cinematographe, which is being shown by Mr Carl Hertz, assisted by Mr Edgar M. Hyman, is a tremendous success. A notable feature of this performance is a view of Parliament-street, London.
MR HERTZ is giving grand matinees every Saturday and Wednesday afternoons to the ladies and children of Johannesburg with the Cinematographe. Mr Edgar M. Hyman commences a tour with him next Monday, after which he will leave for England, where he may be expected about Aug. 1st.

The Era, London, Saturday 4 July 1896, p. 16.

L'article indique qu'Edgar Hyman assiste Hertz pour les représentations cinématographiques.