The Waves


The Waves


1 Lambda Company  
2 [Otway] Latham  
3 1895  
But Otway Latham went blithely ahead with his production schedule. When in August the first three projection machines were ready for delivery he had completed pictures for an exhibition that would last an entire twenty minutes on the screen. There were five "feature" subjects: the Griffo-Barnett fight, the Nicholas Sisters' act from Koster & Bials in their daring introduction of the "split dance," Duncan C. Ross and Ernest Roaber in a wrestling match, a picturization of a new song hit, The Sidewalks of New York, showing street gamins dancing to a hurdy-gurdy's plaintive refrain, and a scenic bit entitled The Waves, a picture of surf at Alantic [sic] City.
Terry Ramsaye, A Million and One Nights, Vol. I, New York, Simon and Schuster, 1926, p. 185.
4 États-UnisAtlantic City