Wrestling Bout between Duncan C. Ross and Ernest Roeber 

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Wrestling Bout between Duncan C. Ross and Ernest Roeber


1 Lambda Company  
2 Latham
Duncan Ross, Ernet Roeber
3 18/07/1895  
Ross, Roeber, and Dun Pose Before an Eidoloscope.
The roof of the Police Gazette office was the scene of a rather unusual sporting event yesterday. The principals were Duncan C. Ross, Harry Dunn and Ernest Roeber, who were anxious to have their prowess perpetuated through Latham's eidoloscope. On the invitation of Sam Austin several admirers of wrestling assembled to see the sport, and they saw a very clever display in four different styles. It took a considerable time to get the apparatus and screen in working order, but the visitors were patient and soon after noon Ross and Dunn advanced to the mat and shook hand dramatically.
The first style of wrestling essayed was catch as catch can. Prof. Hugh Leonard, N.Y.A.C. seconded Ross, and Mills of Birmignham, England, Iooked after Dunn. Sam Austin acted in the double capacity of referee and timekeeper, and the […] sailed in. Ross got a good hold and hung on tenaciously. His rival struggled gamely and held his own for a time but Ross laid him out on the mat in 1 minute 30 seconds. They then tried the Cumberland style, at which Dunn claims to be the Australian champion. He found his burly Caledonian opponent an easy mark at this game and threw him in 48 seconds.
Roeber put in an appearance at this stage and tackled Ross Graco-Roman style. Roeber had just returned from a highly successful tour in Europe and stripped in fine condition. In this respect, and in science as well, he held a decided advantage over Ross, but the latter worked hard and twice saved himself by clever bridges Roeber finally got a quarter Nelson on his man and threw him in 1 minute 52 seconds. Ross had his revenge when it came to collar-and-elbow wrestling, at which Roeber is a novice of the most verdant type. He was clearly not at home in the “harness,” but his condition enabled him to keep Ross guessing for 2 minutes 10 seconds, when a draw was declared.
The Sun, New York, Friday, July 19, 1895, p. 4.
4 États-Unis, New York  


20/06/1896  États-UnisBoston  eidoloscope  Wrestling Bout between Duncan C. Ross and Ernest Roeber


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"The eideoloscope film, actual size, from the Latham picture of the Duncan Ross-Ernest Roeber Wrestling Match
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