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Wilmington est une ville de l'état de Caroline du Nord (États-Unis).


L'eidoloscope (Opera House, 19 novembre 1896)

En provenance de Trenton, Rosabel Morrison est en tournée avec une nouvelle adaptation de Carmen, oeuvre de Proper Mérimée, dont l'originalité consiste à inclure, lors de la représentation la célèbre Bull Fight tournée au Mexique par Gray Latham :

Rosabel Morrison in "Carmen."
Rosabel Morrison who has scored great success in "Carmen," will make her first appearance before a Wilmingto audience, at the opera house, on Thursday evening, the 19th, in that chaming play. Miss Morrison is the talented daughter of Lewis Morrison, and like her father, is a prime favorite wherever she appears. Her "Carmen" is a revelation, and the clever, dainty little lady is winning golden opinions from the press and public. The play is staged with marvelous scenic effect, one of the principal features being the world famed 'Eidoloscope bull fight.' The supporting company too, is firts class and among those of prominence is Edward Elsner, who plays 'Don Jose' to Miss Morrison's "Carmen." This gentleman was leading, man in Mr. Lewis Morrison's company, when that company was here last season in "Faust." The reserved seat sale for this engagement will open tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at Gerken's.

The Wilmington Messenger, Wilmington, Tuesday, November 17, 1896, p. 4.

wilmington opera house

Wilmington, Grand Opera House
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La troupe se rend ensuite à Savannah.