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Trenton est une ville de l'état de New Jersey (États-Unis).


L'eidoloscope (Taylor Opera House, 13-14 novembre 1896)

En provenance d'Allentown, Rosabel Morrison est en tournée avec une nouvelle adaptation de Carmen, oeuvre de Proper Mérimée, dont l'originalité consiste à inclure, lors de la représentation la célèbre Bull Fight tournée au Mexique par Gray Latham :

No play of recent years has attracted as universal interest as “Carmen," which comes to Taylor Opera House to night and tomorrow. Its Story is from the heart and its interest is intense. Its success is international, although but two actresses have been found thus far who could thoroughly realize the possibilities of the character. One of these is Rosabel Morrison, who has been known to American theatre-goers for her artistic performance of "Marguerite" in "Faust." Her "Carmen" is reported to even excel her "Marguerite." She has produced the new play without regard to cost. The bull light, which is introduced through-the wonderful eidoloscope, is not a series of still photographic views as some of the more credulous might infer, but is an actual reproduction of the genuine article, with the living, breathing participants in action. Tomorrow afternoon a matinee will be given which will equal the evening performance in every particulars.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, Friday, November 13, 1896, p. 2.

trenton taylor opera house

Trenton, Taylor Opera House
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La troupe se rend ensuite à Wilmington.