Drill of Engineer Corps, Mexican Army


Drill of Engineer Corps, Mexican Army


1 Lambda Company  
2 Gray Latham, Eugene Lauste  
3 26/02/1896->03/04/1896  
4 Mexique, [Mexico]  


12/05/1896 États-UnisNew York eidoloscope  The Drill of a Company of Soldier 
Changing Scenes of Movement on the Drop Curtain of a Theater.
Another scene presented, besides the bull fight, which is the longest of all, is a drill of soldiers. This is followed cut to considerable length, and is an interesting transference, but the soldiers that were nearest the camera are made to look like giants in comparison with their fellows a t the opposite end of the line, and occasionally a whole file of marchers bolts from the scene in a manner that is comical...
Evening Journal, Jamestown, May 19, 1896, p. 5.
13/06/1896 États-UnisNew York, Broadway, nº 156 eidoloscope  Mexican Engineer Corps Drill 
13/06/1896 États-UnisNew York, Saint-James Hotel eidoloscope  Mexican Engineer Corps Drill 
20/06/1896 États-UnisBoston  eidoloscope The Crack Regiment of Mexico 

[...] Another picture is the crack regiment of Mexico drilling in their armory, showing the intricate evolutions of the soldiers in all their barefooted splendor, while every step is in perfect time to the music which accompanies...

Boston Post, Boston, Sunday, June 21, 1896, p. 10.


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The Mexican Military Drill