A Fancy Dance 


A Fancy Dance


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2 [Otway] Latham Nichols Sisters
Two very pretty and clever artists who were brought to this country by Eugene Tompkins for his revival of the "Black Crook" at the Boston theatre a few seasons ago, where they achieved a grand triumph by their artistic work. They do some startling acrobatic dancing, which is executed with great freedom and motion of limb, and an ease and suppleness of body possible only with gymnastic training, which requires hours of daily practice. Since their notable engagement with the "Black Crook" they have played in all the leading theatres in the principal cities of the United States. The first season they were the leading features of that most successful organization, "Finnigan's Ball," which success was greatly due to their conscientious work. They are tireless workers. Miss Alice Nichols superintends all the business, and is always on the alert for novel and catchy songs, Introducing new dances, which have been copied by all. They danced last week for the Eidoloscope on the roof of Richard K. Fox's publishing house, at Franklin Square, New York, which has been placed on exhibition on Broadway, New York, and at Coney Island. They have received several flattering offers from managers of the different roof gardens of this city, but have declined on account of a much needed rest.
The National Police Gazette, New York, July 27, 1895, p. 6.
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4 États-Unis, New York, Franklin Square  


15/07/1895 États-Unis, Chicago  [Otway] Latham/George Porter A Fancy Dance

[...] a fancy dance by two young girls, embracing the well-known flip-flap, somersault, and "split." The final picture gave the finish in the recent Suburban handicap...

The Inter Ocean, Chicago, Tuesday, July 16, 1895, Tuesday, p. 8.


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The National Police Gazette, New York, 27 juillet 1895, p. 4.