Napoléon et la sentinelle



Napoléon et la Sentinelle

LUM 1897-02

Napoleon and the Sentinel

Depicting Napoleon discovering a Sentinel asleep while on duty. The Emperor takes his musket and mounts guard. Suddenly the soldier awakes and to his horror realizes his position and certain punishment.

The above productions are historically correct as to surroundings, costume and make-up of the principals. The incidents portrayed are enacted with such marvellous realism, that it seems almost impossible that one is only viewing a counterfeit production and not the actual cold-blooded deeds committed during The "Reign of Terror" over one hundred years ago.

NOTE.-Much research and study were necessary in order to properly present these historical events, but it is our intention to continually add to this series until the principal incidents in the history of the world are included.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 673 (AS 291) Maguire & Baucus 1673
2 Alexandre Promio ; Georges Hatot, Gaston Breteau
Georges Hatot
" Napoléon " et " La Sainte-Hélène " [sic] ont été tournés derrière la propriété de Mme Lafond, dans le champ de courses de Neuilly-Levallois.
Cinémathèque Française, Les Débuts du Cinéma, Souvenirs de M. Hatot, 15 mars 1948, p. 16.
3 08/1897-09/1897 17 m 
4 France, Paris, Neuilly-Levallois, Hippodrome  


12/12/1897 Espagne, Barcelone Cinematógrafo Lumière Emperador Napoleón I y el centinela
04/06/1898 FranceParis Cinématographe Lumière Napoléon et la Sentinelle
09/06/1898 Jamaïque, Kingston F. G. Courrech Napoleon and the Sentinel
21/08/1898 MexiqueMorelia Édouard Hervet
Napoleón I y las sentinelao
05/10/1903 Haïti, Port-au-Prince Cie Internationale du Cinématographe Lumière Napoléon et la Sentinelle