Lassoing Steer



Lassoing Steer

Shows eight mounted cowboys in pursuit of a lone steer. As they ride at full speed, swinging their lassoes, one of them deftly throws his and lands it over the head of the steer; his horse is suddenly stopped and the mad career of the steer is brought to an abrupt halt; he seems to leap completely off the ground, is turned fully half way round and thrown violently to the ground. The steer rises and again starts running, the one cowboy being unable to control him. Another cowboy then lassoes him around both hind feet. The two riders separate until their lines are taut, and the steer is brought violently to the ground a second time. This photograph is mechanically perfect, is full of action, with the figures full size and well defined. It is an excellent subject and is sure to please.

EDI 15/03/1898


1 Edison (MU 445)  
2 James WhiteFrederick Blechynden  
Mr. James White and his able assistant, Mr. Fred W. Blechynder, left this city last night for an extended trip over the Central system. These gentlemen are representing the Edison Electrical Company, of Orange, N.J., and are taking views of characteristic Mexico, for reproduction in the company's kinetescopes, which will be exhibited in the United States.
The Two Republics, Mexico, December 1, 1897, p. 8.
3 <19/11/1897. © Thomas A. Edison, 24/02/1898. 50 ft
4 [Mexique], [Sabinas]