Bull Fight, nº 1



Bull Fight n º1

Taken at Durango, Mexico, on the Mexican International R.R. The arena in which this bull-fight took place is considered the finest bull-ring in the Republic of Mexico, and the bull-fighters who participate in the contest compose the best troupe in the Mexican country. The background is formed by the sides of the arena, surmounted by tiers of seats, which are densely filled with spectators. The opening discloses a mounted picador coming in focus, the bull well in the foreground, and several foot picadors in the background. The bull, enraged by numerous bandilleros, which protrude him from his sides and back, makes a furious charge after the picadors, but is cleverly avoided. One of the picadors then runs across the arena and implants a bandillero in the bull, which is resented by another mad but futile rush. He is next tantalized by one of the picadors, who waves his mantilla in the face of the bull, which provokes another charge. The action is aggressive, lively and exciting throughout, figures life size and very sharp. 

EDI 1898-03


1 Edison (MU 447)  
2 James WhiteFrederick Blechynden  
Mr. James White and his able assistant, Mr. Fred W. Blechynder, left this city last night for an extended trip over the Central system. These gentlemen are representing the Edison Electrical Company, of Orange, N.J., and are taking views of characteristic Mexico, for reproduction in the company's kinetescopes, which will be exhibited in the United States.
The Two Republics, Mexico, December 1, 1897, p. 8.
3 <19/11/1897. © Thomas A. Edison, 24/02/1898. 50 ft
4 MexiqueDurango.