Repairing Streets in Mexico



Repairing Streets in Mexico

Taken at Durango, Mexico, and illustrates the method employed by the Mexican government in repairing and paving streets and doing all manner of public work. The convicts, under a strong guard of national troops, are marched from the prison through the public streets and compelled to perform the arduous task of carrying and laying the heavy stones used throughout Mexico in street paving. The slow and painful movements of the barefooted convicts walking over the sharp stones, lend a pathetic but humorous aspect to the scene. The figures are well in the foreground and show life size. 

EDI 1898-03


1 Edison (MU 452)  
2 James WhiteFrederick Blechynden  
Mr. James White and his able assistant, Mr. Fred W. Blechynder, left this city last night for an extended trip over the Central system. These gentlemen are representing the Edison Electrical Company, of Orange, N.J., and are taking views of characteristic Mexico, for reproduction in the company's kinetescopes, which will be exhibited in the United States.
The Two Republics, Mexico, December 1, 1897, p. 8.
3 <19/11/1897. © Thomas A. Edison, 24/02/1898. 50 ft
4 MexiqueDurango.