Las Vigas Canal



Las Vigas Canal, Mexico City

Taken at the small suburban village of Santa Anita, on the outskirts of the City of Mexico, and shows the native men and women, bare-footed and in their grotesque native costumes, propelling their flat-bottomed boats and unloading therefrom cargoes of vegetables. Unlike the method in this country, the canal boats are propelled by poling. The boats rapidly pass each other on the canal, while a large crowd of natives, mostly women, are seen on the bank unloading the garden truck. A sharp, clear film, and the light and shadow effects falling on the water produce a striking effect. The figures are full life size. 

EDI 1898-03


1 Edison (MU 459)  
2 James White, Frederick Blechynden
Mr. James White and his able assistant, Mr. Fred W. Blechynder, left this city last night for an extended trip over the Central system. These gentlemen are representing the Edison Electrical Company, of Orange, N.J., and are taking views of characteristic Mexico, for reproduction in the company's kinetescopes, which will be exhibited in the United States.
The Two Republics, Mexico, December 1, 1897, p. 8.
3 12/1897 50 ft
4 Mexique, Mexico