Train Hour in Durango



Train Hour in Durango, Mexico

This view was taken at the station of the Mexican International R.R., Durango, Mexico, and demonstrates the unusual commotion caused in this Mexican town by the so common occurrence as a train arrival. The inhabitants, arrayed in native costumes, the men with sombreros and serapes, the women with bare heads and mantillas on their shoulders, are anxiously scanning the alighting passengers for recognition of friends. As Durango is the least Americanized of any of the interior cities in the Republic of Mexico, the types of the people shown in the picture are truly typical.

EDI 1898-03


1 Edison (MU 451)  
2 James White, Frederick Blechynden
Mr. James White and his able assistant, Mr. Fred W. Blechynder, left this city last night for an extended trip over the Central system. These gentlemen are representing the Edison Electrical Company, of Orange, N.J., and are taking views of characteristic Mexico, for reproduction in the company's kinetescopes, which will be exhibited in the United States.
The Two Republics, Mexico, December 1, 1897, p. 8.
3 11-12/1897 50 ft
4 Mexique, Durango