A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed



A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

In this new Biograph production we offer a pleasing combination of comedy and pathos; one of those "heart-interest" things so much appreciated by vaudeville audiences. An old man, reduced to starvation, shares his last crust with his faithful dog, and lies down on his pallet to die. The intelligent canine, realizing his master's condition, creeps out to find assistance. While on the search he is stolen by a rogue, taken to a sausage factory and sold. He is then led into the back room, where a huge machine is grinding up dogs of all sorts and conditions into long links of savory bologna. The old man's dog is thrown into the hopper like the others, but instead of meeting the fate of his predecessors, he comes out of the chute unharmed and hanging on to a string of sausages for dear life. Once free of the machine, he legs it for the door, carrying the sausages in his mouth, and followed by the sausage maker, his wife and assistants.
Down the street they all run, but the dog is too nimble, and easily eludes his pursuers. Arriving safely at the tenement where his master lies, he rushes up to the room, there to be received with his burden, with tears of joy. The old man fixes up a rude table, at which the dog takes his seat. The sausages are then·fried, and the two eat them tete-a-tete, and with evident enjoyment.
The dog is such a handsome. intelligent animal that he makes friends with everybody as soon as his picture appears on the screen. The film is of beautiful photographic quality, clear and steady throughout.

BIO 1906 (63)

El perro, el mejor amigo

ALC 1906