The Insurance Solicitor



The Insurance Solicitor

We show how a young chap, just out of college, full of bursting ambition, and with all the world before him, decides to enter upon a business career as a life insurance agent. The Deferred Dividend Life Insurance Company has advertised for agents and our young friend applies for a job. He is received by the rotund and smiling president (salary $150,000 a year and pickings), and receives his first lesson in the gentle art of landing a victim. Authority in hand, he starts out eager for the fray.
His first attempt is on a busy merchant in his private office. The young man bursts in, interrupts some confidental dictation, and proceeds to vehemently set forth the wonders of the Deferred Dividend policy. The merchant's wrath knows no bounds, and seizing the new agent by the collar, he wipes the floor with him, and ends by throwing him out of the office bodily. The young man picks himself up as if in a trance and limps away.
The new agent next tackles a private residence. Through the front window the gentleman of the house may be seen absorbed in a game of chess. A maid comes to the door as the agent rings, and the latter forces his way in despite the maid's objection. Once in, he tackles the chess players and again speaks his little piece about the Deferred Dividend policy. The chess players seize him, hustle him to the door and throw him bodily out and down the entire flight of stairs to the sidewalk below. It is a terrific fall, and would have discouraged any ordinary man, but our friend is full of pluck and ready to try it again.
His next attempt is in a feed mill. The old miller is bustling about filling his bag and barrels when our young friend enters with his Deferred Dividend scheme. In the course of his arguments the enthusiastic agent stands beneath the chute, and the miller lets him have a barrel full of bran where it will do him most good.
By this time our young friend has a pretty good idea of the game, and he calls at the kitchen door of a city residence with a great deal of caution. Bridget is busy baking and don't like being interrupted. At first she listens to the agent's story good-naturedly, but when he becomes insistent she goes for him, and when the smoke blows away, our hero is buried deep under the debris of the battle. Everything movable in the kitchen is piled on top of him. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back. The new insurance agent has had all that's coming to him, and the final scene shows him back with the folks at home engaged in the less remunerative but safer occupation of sawing wood.

BIO 1906 (62)

Solicitador de seguros

ALC 1906