The Black Hand



The Black Hand

One of the most amusing and interesting arrests ever made by the detective force of New York City was accomplished by two clever sleuths who concealed themselves in the refrigerator of a butcher shop, and there nearly froze while they waited with chattering teeth for some Black Hand blackmailers to appear. This incident forms the principal scene of this production, and the other events shown are for the most part identical with actual occurrences.
In the opening scene the conspirators are shown concocting a typical "black hand" letter. Next is shown the shop of a prosperous Italian butcher, who is selected as the victim of the plot. He is warned by the letter that unless he gives up $1000.00 his shop will be blown up and his little girl kidnapped. Enraged and alarmed, he hurries off to police headquarters and shows the letter. In the meantime, the Black Hand artists have succeeded in getting the little girl, and carry her off in a hack to their vile den. The kidnapping scene was done with such realism that our actors had no little trouble in getting away from policemen and detectives who persisted in regarding it as the real thing. The scene was laid in the Italian quarter, with all the typical surroundings of the actual occurrence.
The following scene is again laid in the butcher shop, where one of the gang makes his demand for money. The detectives are in the refrigerator, slowly freezing, but game to the core. They spring out at the critical moment, and after a fierce struggle, capture and handcuff the blackmailer. The recovery of the child, and the arrest of the other members of the gang make the climax of the story. The film is splendid photographically, and the story is told in a most interesting way. The work of the child heroine is particularly attractive.

BIO 1906 (66)

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