École de Cavalerie de Saumur

Charge finale



Charge finale

Ces vues représentent des exercices militaires à cheval. Elles sont toutes très intéressantes; nous recommandons plus particulièrement les N° 576, 579, 582, 589 et 590.

LUM 1905

Final Cavalry Charge

This is the most remarkable of all cavalry charges. The scene starts with a large number of cavalrymen moving rapidly away from camera, discharging pistols (giving fin smoke effect) when they reach the extreme end of the field they turn rapidly and are re-inforced by others ans come a hundred abreast to the camera.

MB 1897

The Final Charge

Photographed during the recent Military Tournament at Saumur, showing two squadrons of Cavalry receding from the camera ; the first firing their muskets, the ohers levelling their lances as thay gallop madly towards the background of the picture, where they turn and charge at a furious speed towards the foreground raising clouds of dust. As these cavalry exercises were photographed trom an elevation, a splendid view was obtained of the Review ground, barracks, and the multitude of spectators, &c. Full of incident, sharp and clear.

MB 1898

Carga final 

Estas vistas representan ejercicios militares a caballo. Son todas ellas muy interesantes, particularment los nº 576, 579, 582, 589, 590.

LUM 1904-ESP


1 Lumière 579 (AS 960) ; Maguire & Baucus 1579  
2 n.c.  
3 02/08/1897 17m 
4 France, Saumur, École de cavalerie  


08/08/1897 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière  École de cavalerie : carrousel I et II 
26/04/1902 Haïti, Port-au-Prince  Hervet/Didier  Charge finale de cavalerie