The Stock Exchange Walk From London to Brighton 


The Stock Exchange Walk From London to Brighton

Excellent results have been obtained of this interesting event. Photographs were taken from two positions, the first, midway between London and Brighton, in which is seen the official motor car, followed by various descriptions of vehicles which accompany the different competitors, who are very clearly seen as they pass through the lines of sightseers. The second portion of the film was taken at the Aquarium, Brighton, where a numerous crowd had assembled to witness the result. The winner and second, and both come close up to our camera, supported by their numerous friends. The photographic quality is good throughout.

The Era, London, May 9, 1903, p. 32. 


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2 [H. Spencer Clarke]  
3 01/05/1903 100ft 
4 Grande-Bretagne, LondresBrighton  


07/05/1903 Grande-BretagneBrighton, Aquarium  H. Spencer Clarke  The Stock Exchange Walk 


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"The Great Stock Exchange Walk"
"The Finish-Mr. E. F. Broad reaches the Brighton Aquarium"
The Tatle, nº 97, 6 Mai 1903, p. 199.