Le cinématographe de William Clark (avril 1898)

C'est à l'occasion de la foire du mois de juin, que William Clark présente son cinématographe :

Altrincham (Cheshire) Fair is one of the capital round of early summer fairs organised by John Whiting, of gondola fame, and splendidly managed by Mr R. Dixon. This series of fairs constitutes a complete season's route. Glorious weather and a show-loving public brought the inevitable result-good all-round business. In the centre of the ground stood the magnificent set of Venetian gondolas (owned by the lessee of the ground, Mr John Whiting), Hurst's flying ostriches, Walker's galloping horses and swings, and George Walker's horses, swings, and Alpine railways. Clark's cinematograph, with new living pictures, was a big draw; the capital equestrian entertainment of George Proctor, family, and company, delighted the lovers of the old-time circus. Sedgwick's menagerie and feats of derring-do, by the lion-tamer, attracted crowds, and these concerns were ably supported in their efforts to entertain the people by such excellent shows, ground booths, &oc., as Sanders' fine art gallery, Cooper's stereoscopic show, Mrs Marsden's shooting gallery, and the shooting saloons, bottle-smashing batteries, penny novelties, &c. of Messrs Roberts, White, Jewell, Harrington, and others.

The Era - Saturday 30 April 1898, p. 20. 

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