Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Edimbourg est la capitale de l'Ecosse (Grande-Bretagne).


Le Cinématographe Lumière de Félicien Trewey (Empire Palace, 1er->12 juin 1896)

Félicien Trewey installe son cinématographe Lumière à l'Empire Palace pour quelques jours :

EDINBURGH.—EMPIRE PALACE, LIMITED (Managing director, Mr. H. E. Moss).—The Cinematographe, under the direction of Mons. Trewey, has proved an unqualified success, the various pictures being perfectly reproduced on the screen—the movements of the people, the splashing of the waves, etc., being wonderfully realistic. Everyone who has seen it speaks very highly of this new invention, and it will undoubtedly prove one of the draws of the season while it is here. In addition to the above there is the usual good supply of varieties. The Sisters Leslie continue their high-class duets, which are well rendered. The Burnells, in their funny business, also are going well and strong ; while the acrobatic feats of Tackley and Fratelli are causing nightly rounds of applause. J. B. Preston is a good broad Scotch comedian, with a little bit of dancing interspersed. Other four turns are filled in, and make up a pleasant evening.Music Hall and

Theatre Review, Londres, vendredi 5 juin 1896, p. 17.

Le journal londonien The Era offre quelques compléments d'information :

EMPIRE PALACE.-Managing Director, Mr H. E. Moss.-Lumière's cinematographer from the Empire Theatre, London, drew a crowded house on Monday, and roused an amount of enthusiasm fully in proportion to the wonderful merits of this unrivalled invention, which may be described as a perfect and continuous photographic feast. Each successive picture was hailed with loudly expressed delight, the ensemble and general management being faultless; and Mr Moss and Mr Trewey, who brings the show, are to be heartily congratulated on the success of their enterprise.

The Era, Londres, samedi 6 juin 1896, p. 20.

edimbourg 1896 empire treweyEdinburg Evening News, Edimbourg, mercredi 10 juin 1896, p. 1.

Quelques jours plus tard, la presse annonce de nouveaux titres :

EDINBURGH.—EMPIRE PALACE, LIMITED (Managing director Mr. H. E. Moss). The Cinematographe, under the management of Messrs. Trewey, proved such an exceptional attraction last week, that it has been retained for this week. It is certainly the most gigantic draw we have had here for a very long time, every seat, and every box, being occupied nightly. Several of the best scenes have to be repeated, such as the " Arrival of the Paris Express," "Bathing in the Mediterranean," " The Falling of a Wall," etc. It is truly a most wonderful invention, and should be seen by all who have the opportunity of witnessing it. Besides above, there is quite an interesting sries of ordinary turns.

Music Hall and Theatre Review, Londres, vendredi 12 juin 1896, p. 17.

Un dernier article permet de connaître le nom de l'équipe qui entoure Félicien Trewey: sa compagne, Mr. Vernon, le bonimenteur ou commentateur et son assistant, Mr. Hutton :

THE LUMIERE CINEMATOGRAPHE.—This very pleasing and marvellous exhibition is in its fourth and last week. This Friday night the exhibition will be closed. I have visited it several times. and. without exception, I have been delighted at every visit. I regret very much that one of the weeks of exhibition the charge for admission was not reduced to sixpence. Yon will he pleased to learn that the accident to Mr. Vernon, the lecturer, was only a very slight affair, and left nothing serious ; I was, however, very anxious. I want Low to thank Mr. Vernon for his marked and continuous kindness to me when I have visited his exhibition as your representative ; also Mr. Hutton. his assistant, who has been equally kind to me. Madame Trewey I especially thank. If all exhibitors and entertainers would be as kind as these three have been to me, critics and representatives would never have cause to complain. So long, however, as I continue your critic and representative, no matter what be my reception, my work shall be fairly done.

Music Hall and Theatre Review, Londres, vendredi 12 juin 1896, p. 18.

Le Cinématographe Lumière de Félicien Trewey (Empire Palace, 27 juillet 1896)

Félicien Trewey est de retour. Il installe à nouveau son cinématographe Lumière à l'Empire Palace:

edimbourg 1896 empire trewey 02
Edinburg Evening News, Edimbourg, vendredi 24 juillet 1896, p. 1.

EMPIRE PALACE,-Managing Director, Mr H. E. Moss.-Lumière's Cinématographe, still under the able direction of M. Trewey, made a welcome return visit on Monday with a fresh batch of attractive pictures. Those representing the recent coronation of the Czar were highly interesting. and with many former favourite scenes, have afforded great attractions to crowded audiences cach evening.

The Era, Londres, samedi 1er août 1896, p. 18.

Le Cinématographe Lumière de Félicien Trewey (Empire Palace, <26> septembre 1896)

Félicien Trewey revient pour la troisième fois et s'installe à nouveau à l'Empire Palace :

EMPIRE PALACE.-Managing Director, Mr H. E. Moss.-M. Trewey's Cinematographe was again on exhibition here on Monday, the new views and many of the old ones being received with hearty approval.

The Era, Londres, samedi 26 septembre 1896, p. 22.