Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Brighton est une ville d'Angleterre (Grande-Bretagne).


The Cinographoscope (Imperial Hotel, <24 septembre 1896)

Une séance de cinographoscope est organisée à l'Imperial Hotel en septembre :

THE CINOGRAPHOSCOPE.— One of the spacious rooms of the Imperial Hotel, Queen’s Road, has been set apart for an exhibition of the Cinographoscope. This comparatively recent invention Is claimed to be superior to the Cinomatograph [sic], in that in pictures from real life which are thrown upon the screen the figures and objects are made to move backward as well forward. In a picture of the Place I’Opera, Paris, for instance, which is one of the series shown, one sees the pedestrians and carriage folk moving all directions, and, afterwards, they are shown walking and driving backwards —a curious sight. A horse is also to be seen prancing backwards well forwards, whilst other pictures of interesting and attractive description are “ Soldiers taking their horses to water,” The sea and the rocks,” "A card party,” &c., in each of which figures and objects seem as if really alive. The exhibition is most entertaining. Shows are held each day from two o’clock till eleven o’clock. The charge for admission is moderate.

Brighton Gazette, Brighton, jeudi 24 septembre 1896, p. 8.