0001 Amy Muller Edison
0002 Annabelle, Butterfly Edison 
0003 Annabelle, Serpentine Edison 
0004 Annabelle Sun Edison 
0005 Buck and Wing Dance Edison 
0006 Carnival Dance Edison 
0007 Cyclone  Edison 
0008 Cissy Fitzgerald Edison 
0009 Dance of Rejoicing Edison 
0010 Dancing Dog Edison 
0011 Egyptian Dance Edison 
0012 Elsie Jones Edison 
0013 Fan Dance Edison 
0014 Ghost Edison 
0015 Jamies Edison 
0016 Japanese Dance Edison 
0017 Lucy Murray Edison 
0018 Lucille Sturgis Edison 
0019 Paddle Dance Edison 
0020 Pickaninnies Edison 
0021 Silver Dance Edison 
0022 Short Stick Dance Edison 
0023 Trilby Dance Edison 
0024 Trio Edison 
0025 Umbrella Edison 
0026 Vernona Jarbeau Edison 
0027 Waring and Wilson Edison 
0028 Amy Muller Edison 
0029 Little Jake and the Big Dutch Girl Edison 
0030 Turkish Harem Edison 
0031 Vernona Jarbeau Edison 
0032 Annie Oakley Edison 
0033 Bucking Broncho Edison 
0034 Band Drill Edison 
0035 Bating Scene Edison 
0036 Barber Shop Edison 
0037 Barroom Edison 
0038 Bicycle Parade Edison 
0039 Blacksmith Shop Edison 
0040 Buffalo Bill Edison 
0041 Camel Parade Edison 
0042 Carpenter Shop Edison 
0043 Children's Parade Edison 
0044 Chinese Laundry Edison 
0045 Death Scene Edison 
0046 Dental Scene Edison 
0047 Edison Laboratory Edison 
0048 Elevated Railroad Edison 
0049 Execution Edison 
0050 Fire Rescue Edison 
0051 Fountain Edison 
0052 Garden Scene Edison 
0053 Haymakers Edison 
0054 Indian War Council Edison 
0055 Interrupted Lovers Edison 
0056 Irish Way of Discussing Politics Edison 
0057 Joan of Arc Edison 
0058 Kiss Edison 
0059 Lasso Thrower Edison 
0060 Layman Edison 
0061 Li Hung Chang Edison 
0062 Lone Fisherman Edison 
0063 Lynching Scene Edison 
0064 Milk White Flag Edison 
0065 n.c Edison 
0066 Hypnotic Scene Edison 
0067 Opium Den Edison 
0068 Outing of the Babies Edison 
0069 Paterson Falls Edison 
0070 Pat vs. Populist Edison 
0071 Pocahontas Edison 
0072 Pony Race Edison 
0073 Rosedale Edison 
0074 Scalping Scene Edison 
0075 Swimming School Edison 
0076 Shooting the Chutes Edison 
0077 Steamship St. Louis Edison 
0078 Surf Avenue Edison 
0079 Telephone Appointment  Edison 
0080 The Interrupted Supper  Edison 
0081 Tub Race  Edison 
0082 White Wings Edison 
0083 Water Melon Contest Edison 
0084 Baby Parade Edison 
0085 Bathing Scene Edison 
0086 Bicycle Parade Edison 
0087 Bicycle Riding Edison 
0088 Boat Rescue Edison 
0089 Children's Parace Edison 
0090 Fast Train Edison 
0091 Garden Scene Edison 
0092 Grand Republic Edison 
0093 Humorous Cartoon Edison 
0094 Lone Fisherman Edison 
0095 Political Cartoon Edison 
0096 Shooting the Chutes Edison 
0097 Sketching Mr. Edison Edison 
0098 Swimming School Edison 
0099 Train Scene at Orange Edison 
0100 Fast Trains Edison 
0101 American Line Pier Edison 
0102 Baggage Wagons Edison 
0103 Bowling Green Edison 
0104 Broadway Edison 
0105 Broadway and Fourteenth Street Edison 
0106 Herald Square Edison 
0107 Washington Market Edison 
0108 Fourteenth and Broadway Edison 
0109 Dead Man's Curve Edison 
0110 Sidewalks of New York Edison 
0111 Broadswords Edison 
0112 Bag Punching Edison 
0113 Billy Edwards and Warwick Edison 
0114 Boxing Cats Edison 
0115 Burlesque Boxing Edison 
0116 Gladiatorial Combat Edison 
0117 Hornbacker and Murphy Edison 
0118 Mexican Knife Duel Edison 
0119 Wrestling Match Edison 
0120 Bertoldi Edison 
0121 Caceido Edison 
0122 Capitaine Edison 
0123 Lotilde Antonio Edison 
0124 Grotesque Tumbling Edison 
0125 Louis Martinetti, Contortionist Edison 
0126 Rixfords Edison 
0127 Clotilde Antonio Edison 
0128 Rixfords Edison 
0129 Employees Leaving Factory Edison 
0130 East Side Drive Edison 
0131 Feeding the Doves Edison 
0132 Morning Bath Edison 
0133 McKinley Parade Edison 
0134 Morning Fire Alarm Edison 
0135 Going to the Fire Edison 
0136 Burning Stable Edison 
0137 Mounted Police Charge Edison 
0138 Mounted Police Drill Edison 
0139 Mounted Police Drill. Mount and Dismount Edison 
0140 Runaway Edison 
0141 Streets of Cairo Edison 
0142 Surf Scene Edison 
0143 Cadet's Charge Edison 
0144 Artillery Pratice Edison 
0145 Mess Call Edison 
0146 Employees Leaving Factory Edison 
0147 Burning Stable Edison 
0148 McKinley Parade Edison 
0149 Surf After Storm Edison 
0150 Wine Garden Edison 
0151 n.c Edison 
0152 Grand Boulevard, Paris Edison 
0153→0160 n.c. Edison 
0161 American Falls (from above; American Side) Edison 
0162 American Falls (from incline Railroad) Edison
0163 American Falls (from Canade Shore, below) Edison 
0164 Horse Shoe Falls (from Luna Island) Edison 
0165 Horse Shoe Falls (from Table Rock) Edison 
0166 Rapids at "Cave of the Winds" Edison 
0167 Whirlpool Rapids Edison 
0168 Black Diamond Express Edison 
0169 Chicago and Buffalo Express Edison 
0170 Dolarita Edison 
0171 Hurdle Race Edison 
0172 Tally-Ho, the Departure Edison 
0173 Tally-Ho, the Arrival  Edison 
0174 Horse Market, Buffalo, N. Y. Edison 
0175 Cock Fight Edison 
0176 Fighting the Fire Edison 
0177 Market Square. (Harrisburg, Pa) Edison 
0178 Farmer's Trouble Edison 
0179 First Sleigh Ride Edison 
0180 Police Patrol Edison 
0181 Governor's Guard Edison 
0182 Infantry Manoeuvres Edison 
0183 the Morning Alarm Edison 
0184 Pennsylvania Avenue Edison 
0185 Steam Pile-Driver Edison 
0186 Guard Mount Edison 
0187 Parisian Dance Edison 
0188 Corbett-Courtney Fight Edison 
0189 Leonard-Cushing Fight Edison 
0190 Milker's Mishap Edison 
0191 Sleighing in Central Park Edison 
0192 Fifth Avenue, New York Edison 
0193 Old Glory and Cuban Flag Edison 
0194 Umbrella Brigade Edison 
0195 Battery A, Light Artillery, U.S. Army Edison 
0196 Young Men's Blaine Club of Cincinnati Edison 
0197 Drum Corps and Militia Edison 
0198 Washington Continental Guards Edison 
0199 McKinley Taking the Oath Edison 
0200 McKinley and Cleveland Edison 
0201 Return of McKinley from the Capitol Edison 
0202 Vice-President Hobart's Escort Edison 
0203 71 st Regiment, New York Edison 
0204 Marines from U.S. Cruiser "New York" New York Edison 
0205 Soung Money Parade in N. Y. Edison 
0206 Spinning in Olden Times Edison 
0207 Bowery Dancers Edison 
0208 Feeding Ducks Edison 
0209 School is Out Edison 
0210 Wash-Day at Home Edison 
0211 Cavalry Charge Edison 
0212 Cavalry Drill Edison 
0213 Watering the Horses Edison 
0214 Storm on the Sea Coast Edison 
0215 Babies' Quarrel Edison 
0216 Farmyard Scene Edison 
0217 Bootblacks Edison 
0218 Royal Blue Limited Edison 
0219 Jersey Central Flyer Edison 
0220 Railway Station Scene Edison 
0221 Brush in the Park Edison 
0222 Good Thing Edison 
0223 "Yellow Kid" Edison 
0224 Battery Park, N. Y. Edison 
0225 Family Troubles Edison 
0226 Bowery, N. Y. Edison 
0227 McKinley and Cleveland Edison 
0228 Gattling Artillery  Edison 
0229 71 st Regiment, N. G. S. New York Edison 
0230 Mounted Band Edison 
0231 Black Hussars Edison 
0232 Crowd Following Parade Edison 
0233 Maud Madison. La Danse Serpentine Edison 
0234 Maud Madison. La Danse Butterfly Edison 
0235 Maud Madison. La Danse Francaise Edison 
0236 Maud Madison. La Danse Nocture Edison 
0237 Maud Madison. La Danse Du Feu  Edison 
0238 Love Scene Edison 
0239 Happy Family Edison 
0240 Drinking Scene Edison 
0241 Kissing Edison 
0242 Greater N. Y. Fire Department Edison 
0243 Coquette Dance Edison 
0244 Band Parade Edison 
0245 The English Derby Edison 
0246 Passaic Falls Edison 
0247 Oriental Dance  Edison 


5158 The Sheffield United and Officials Entering the Field  
5159 Mid-Field Play  
5160 nc  
5161 Sheffield Obtains a Corner  
5162 Derby County's Only Goal  
5163 Players Leaving the Field   
5164 Launch of the "Oceanic"  
5165 Launch of the "Oceanic"  
5166 Panorama of Madeira  
5167 Panorama of Madeira  
5168 Panorama of Madeira  
5169 Panorama of Madeira  
5170 Panorama of Madeira  
5171 Sports onf Ship-Board  
5172 Sports on Ship-Board  
5173 n.c.  
5174 n.c.  
5175 Sports on Ship-Board  
5176 Sports on a Transport  
5178 Ship's Passengers Watching Theswells/A Transport at Sea  
5179 Churned Waters  
5180 Passengers Preparing to Leave Ship at Durban, S.A.  
5181 n.c.  
5182 Man Overboard  


5184 n.c.  
5185 Panorama of Cape Town  
5186 Cape Town Docks  
5187 The Sea-Front of Cape Town  
5188 Panorama of Table Bay  
5189 Panorama of Table Mountain/Table Mountain From a Transport Entering Cape Town  
5190 Cape Town From the Sea  
5191 Tram Ride Up Russell Road  
5192 Tram Ride Through Main Street  
5193 Climbing Cape Road, Port Elizabeth/Panoramic View of Durban-Showing Ox Teams  
5194 Through Cape Road, Port Elizabeth  
5195 n.c.  
5196 Down White's Road, Port Elizabeth  
5197 Fire Call and Rescue by Fire Esapes  
5198 Arrival and Working of Hand Pumps  
5199 n.c.  
5200 "Savage South Africa" at Earl's Court  
5201 n.c.  
5202 East London From Buffalo River  
5203 Tugs in a Heavy Sea  
5204 The Johannesburg Handicap Races  
5205 First Round  
5206 Second Round  
5207 Knock-out  
5208 Arrival of Clyde Steamer  
5209 n.c.  
5210 Norwegian Boat Discharging Cargo of Logs  
5211 Grimaces by Harry Tate  
5212 Impersonations by Harry Tate  
5213 H.R.H. The Duke of Cambridge Opening Earl's Court Exhibition  
5214 Metropolitan Fire Brigade Turn-out  
5215 Club Drill by Fire Laddies  
5216 Pick-up and Rescue Drill  
5217 n.c.  
5218 Shooting the Chutes  
5219 Lifeboat Procession at Brixton  
5220 n.c.  
5221 n.c.  
5222 The Railway Cycle Race  
5223 H.M. The Queen and Royal Family Entering Their carriage at Buckingham Palace  
5224 T.H.R. The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, and Royalty Arriving at Kensington  
5225 H.M. The Queen and Royal Household with Bodyguard Arriving at Kensington  
5226 The Queen's Drive Through Windsor  
5227 "God Save Our Gracious Queen"  
5228 Scots Guards Firing the "Feu-de-joie"  
5229 Scots Guards Leaving Windsor Castle  
5230 Polo Match for the Fina Army Cup Tie  
5231 Polo Match nº 2  
5232 Polo Match nº 3  
5233 The Derby  
5234 The Derby  
5235 The Derby  
5236 Liverpool From the River Mersey nº 1  
5237 Liverpool From River Mersey nº 2  
5238 The Horse Parade at Crystal Palace  
5239 n.c.  
5240 n.c.  
5241 n.c.  
5242 T.R.H. The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, and Prince Christian Arriving at the Royal Agricultural Show  
5243 Parade of Prize Cattle  
5244 H.R.H. The Prince of Wales Viewing Parade of Prize Cattle and Leaving the Royal Agricultural Show Grounds  
5245 Oxen Hauling up Surf at Madeira  
5246 Climbing Madeira Mountain  
5247 The Switchback at Earl's Court  
5248 Fire Drill  
5249 Fire Drill  
5250 Fire Drill  
5251 A Brighton Fire Call  
5252 Firemen and Police Obstacle Race  
5253 Firemen and Police Obstacle Race  
5254 Firemen and Police Obstacle Race  
5255 Police Officers Full Uniform Dressing Race  
5256 Northumberland Place Race  
5257 After the Race  
5258 In the Paddock  
5259 Arrival of Train at Station, Calcutta, India  
5260 Panorama of Calcutta, India  
5261 Panorama of Windsor Castle  
5262 Dance by an Indian Nautch Girl  
5263 Arrival of Barnum & Bailey's Circus  
5264 "An Affair of Honour"  
5265 Funeral of the Empress of Austria  
5266 Funeral of the Empress of Austria  
5267 The Queen of Holland Arriving at Rotterdam  
5268 Arrival of the Queen of Holland at the Hague  
5269 The Intoxicated Artist  
5270 The Hall Porter's Indiscretion  
5271 The Soubrette's Credentials  
5272 Inturrupted Courtship  
5273 They do Such Things at Brighton  
5274 Four to One  
5275 On Forbidden Land  
5276 Fishermen's Luck  
5277 Family Jars  
5278 A Happy Family  
5279 Teasing the Monkey  
5280 The Monkey's Revenge  
5281 Will Evans, the Musical Eccentric  
5282 "Let 'Em all Come"-Will Evans' Cornet Solo  
5283 Fred Poplar in "My Pal"  
5284 Arrival of the Yeomen of the Guard  
5285 Review of the Yeomen of the Guard by the Duke of Connaught  
5286 Inspection of the Yeomen of the Guard by the Duke of Connaught  
5287 Arrival of the Queen and Body Guard to Review the Honourable Artillery Company at Windsor Great Park  
5288 The Honour Artillery Company Passing in Review Before her Majesty the Queen  
5289 The Mounted Contingent of the Honourable Artillery Company Passing Before her Majesty the Queen  
5290 Arrival of Her Majesty the Queen and Royalty  
5291 Scots Guards With New State Colours Defiling By  
5292 Review of Scots Guards by Her Majesty the Queen  
5293 Review of Scots Guards-nº 2 Company March  
5294 Scots Guards and Band Leaving Windsor Castle  
5295 n.c.  
5296 The "Shamrock"-After the Launch  
5297 The Thames Penny Steamer  
5298 The Lifeboat Carnival at Kingston-on-Thames  
5299 n.c.  
5300 The Wooden Walls of Old England  
5301 British Battleships nº 1   
5302 British Battleships nº 2  
5303 British Battleships nº 3  
5304 British Battleships nº 4  
5305 British Battleships nº 5  
5306 Scenes on Board the "Tantalion Castle"  
5307 n.c.  
5308 The R.M.S. "Tantalion Castle" Entering the Channel  
5309 The S.S. "Gaika" Arriving at Southampton From Africa  
5310 Overtaking the Cattle Ship "European" on the High Seas  
5311 The Shipping at Southampton Docks  
5312 Calcutta Street Scene  
5313 Regent Street-From Piccadilly Circus  
5314 Hyde Park Corner-Looking West  
5315 The Strand-Charing Cross Station  
5316 Westminster-Clock Tower and St. Margaret's  
5317 Piccadilly-Looking East  
5318 Piccadilly-From Green Park  
5319 Piccadilly Circus  
5320 Waterloo Place  
5321 Trafalgar Square  
5322 Pall Mall-Looking East  
5323 Whitehall  
5324 The Strand-Looking East  
5325 The Strand-Looking West  
5326 The Law Courts, Strand  
5327 Cheapside and Queen Victoria Street  
5328 The Bank of England  
5329 Traffic on London Bridge  
5330 Traffic Over Tower Bridge  
5331 Towe Bridge  
5332 Threadneedle and Princes Streets  
5333 Fleet Street-Looking East  
5334 Embarkation of Troops on the "Arundel Castle"  
5335 Departure of the S.S. "Arundel Castle" Laden With Troops for South Africa  
5336 A High Old Time  
5337 H.M. The Queen Arriving and Leaving the Lawn at Windsor Castle to View Lord George Sanger's Circus  
5338 Sanger's Circus nº 1  
5339 Sanger's Circus nº 2  
5340 Sanger's Circus nº 3  
5341 Sanger's Circus nº 4  
5342 Sanger's Circus nº 5  
5343 Hyde Park to the Bank in Three Minutes  
5344 H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (Visit to Edinburg)  
5345 The Public Horse Trough  
5346 Feeding the Pigs  
5347 The Lovers' Quarrel  
5348 Skirmish by Cycle Corps  
5349 The Light-Footed Darkey  
5350 The Dance at the Races  
5351 Fancy Step Jig  
5352 Speciality Dance by William Vokes  
5353 The Sports Dance  
5354 Dance of the Nations  
5355 Grand Finale and Curtain  
5356 The Players Entering the Field  
5357 The Play For England  
5358 The Play for Australia  
5359 The Crowds During Interval of the Game  
5350 Arrival of Troops at Southampton for Africa  
5361 Crowds Following the Players  

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  The King and Queen's recent visit to Plymouth  

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