L'Homme orchestre



L'Homme orchestre

Très commandé, se dédoublant sept fois et formant sept musiciens différents.

MA 1902

The One-Man Band

A marvelous subject, full of tricks, disappearing and dissolving effects. The object is to produce a band of seven individual musicians, each playing a different instrument, from one man. this is done in a startling manner, all seven musicians being exact likeness of one another, and their grimaces and contortions while mastering the music is most amusing to witness. Something novel.

MEL 1905-A

The One Man Orchestra

A musician attempts to amuse his audience, but fails. He resorts to magic and causes three chairs to appear on each side of him, making seven in all. Seating himself on the end chair he apparently leaves his body there but passes on to each succeeding chair, until all seven are occupied by the same person. They then proceed to play music, led by the middle man. Finally they cease to play and disappear as mysteriously as they appeared. This picture is full of rich magical effects and warranted to please the most critical. The photography is beautiful.

LUB 1903-01


1 Méliès 262-263 Mazo 35 bis
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1900-10/07/1900 20 m/65 ft
4 France  


10/07/1900 Espagne, Palma de Majorque, Huerto del Rey Cinematógrafo Balear El hombre orquesta
08/09/1900 FranceLimoges Daue/Lacabane L'Homme orchestre
13/09/1900 EspagneMurcie Hermanos García El hombre orquesta
19/10/1900 France, Montpellier Titeux L'Homme orchestre
02/02/1901 FrancePerpignan Royal Viograph L'Homme orchestre
07/02/1901 MexiqueOrizaba Ascensio El hombre orquesta
28/07/1901 FranceBrest Daue L'Homme orchestre 
08/08/1901 France, Champs-sur-Marne M. Giel L'Homme-orchestre
13/08/1901 France, Gagny M. Giel L'Homme-orchestre  
02/09/1901 FranceNogent-sur-Seine M. Giel L'Homme-orchestre
26/09/1901 MexiqueToluca Charles Mongrand El hombre orquesta
El célebre Blanchard en el acto incomprensible, titulado El hombre orquesta ó la multiplicación de sí mismo.
Cinematógrafo Mongrand, 26 de septiembre de 1901, Cartel, Archivo Histórico Municipal de Toluca, “Diversiones públicas”, Sección 4, Caja 5, 1892-1902.
28/10/1901 EspagneMurcie Hermanos García El hombre orquesta
21/12/1901 FranceReims Royal Vio L'homme-orchestre
15/04/1902 Haïti, Port-au-Prince Hervet/Didier  L'homme orchestre 
30/05/1902 FranceClermont-Ferrand Daue/Delmare L'homme orchestre 
07/02/1906 FranceParis G. Méliès L'Homme Orchestre 
G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
262 à 263     L'Homme Orchestre
Collection particulière [D.R.]