Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Belfast est une ville d'Irlande.


Le Cinématographe Lumière de Félicien Trewey (Empire Theatre of Varieties, <20> novembre 1896)

Félicien Trewey installe son cinématographe Lumière à l'Empire Theatre en novembre :

The Belfast Empire Theatre of Varieties, Victoria Square, has been crowded nightly this week. The popular manager, Mr Dan Lowrey, jun., has a magnificent hill, of which the principal attraction is Mons Trewey's " Cinematographe," which has created the liveliest interest. John Tiller's Seven troubadours, lady duettists and dancers, are doing well, a like remark being applicable to the American variety act of O'Brien and Collins. Miss Amy Knott is a good serio, while Miss Stella Star is an attractive vocalist and dancer. Charles Seel, the eccentrio comedian, finishes a successful engagement to-morrow night, as does W. H. Fox, America's marvellous musical genius, whose pianoforte performances are of a startling order.

Scottish Referee, Glasgow, vendredi 20 novembre 1896, p. 4.