Les Animated Photographs de la Maskelyne & Cooke's Provincial Company (novembre 1899)

Lorsque David Devant arrive à Stockton, il tourne depuis le mois de juillet avec une véritable troupe où la magie et la prestidigitation se taillent une place de choix. Quelques jours plus tôt, l'équipe se trouve à Middlesbrough où elle est restée une semaine. La séance inaugurale a lieu au Borough Hall, le lundi 27 novembre 1899. Comme d'habitude, les numéros de magie et de prestidigitation alternent avec des projections de vues animées :

On Monday next and the following week Stocktonians will have the privilege of having materialised for them at the Borough Hall the world-famous seances of the Egyptian Hall, London. This is the first time that Messrs Maskelyne and Cooke have presented their entertainment out of the Metropolis, and the whole of the strong company, numbering 24 persons, is under the direct and personal supervision of Mr Maskelyne and Mr D. Devant, who has been for so many years associated with the Egyptian Hall. Though the Borough Hall is rather small for the purpose, it will be fitted up like the Egyptian Hall. The programme is a particularly strong one, and consists of a fairy fantasy, "The Gnome's Grot," an illusory sketch, which is a delightful combination of refined fun and profound mystery, accompanied by original vocal and instrumental music, "Mrs Daffodil Downey's Seance" will also be performed. This piece has been exhibited ever 3,000 times at the Egyptian Hall, and is still as popular as ever. Animated photographs of a unique character, which have never before been exhibited, will also be shown. Amongst these are copyright photographs of General Buller and troops embarking on the Dunottar Castle for South Africa, with General Wolseley bidding them good-bye, and President Paul Kruger leaving the Volksraad. So realistic is this that one excitable member of the audience at York threw his tall hat at the sheet. Experiments in sleight of hand -by Herr and Madame Valadon are another feature of the programme. There will be a matinee on the Saturday at three o'clock.

Northern Echo, Saturday 25 November 1899, p. 4.

Les vues présentées ont directement à voir avec la guerre du Transvaal dans laquelle est plongée la Grande-Bretagne. Après une semaine de spectacle, la troupe regagne Londres.