Les Animated Photographs de la Maskelyne & Cooke's Provincial Company (novembre 1899)

Lorsque David Devant arrive à Darlington, il tourne depuis le mois de juillet avec une véritable troupe où la magie et la prestidigitation se taillent une place de choix. Dans la presse locale, une annonce indique les étapes de cette nouvelle tournée :

Messrs Maskelyne and Cooke have set out on a provincial tour with their London Company, and among the many places at which the company will call are Middlebrough, Stockton, Darlington, Hartlepools, &c., and this week they are at Darlington.

Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, Tuesday 14 November 1899, p. 3. 

C'est au Theatre Royal que le spectacle se donne à partir du 13 novembre 1899, pour une petite semaine. Comme cela se produit depuis la mise en place de la nouvelle structure, la Maskelyne & Cooke's Provincial Company, depuis le mois de juillet 1899, les numéros de magie alternent avec la projection de vues animées. Cependant, très peu d'informations filtrent au sujet des films et de leur titre comme en témoigne l'article suivant :

Next week, at the Darlington Theatre Royal, there will appear for six nights and a Saturday matinee Messrs Maskelyne and Cooke's company from the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. This, it may be remarked, is the first provincial company ever organised by the above gentlemen, and it has been formed to utilise the large repertoire of illusions and mysteries developed at the Egyptian Hall. Those who hare witnessed the performances at this hall of mystery will know at once that if the provincial entertainment is at all like those that it will be a very excellent one. For Messrs Maskelyne and Cooke's fame is world-wide, and visitors to the Metropolis repair to the Egyptian Hall like they do to Madame Tussaud's, the Tower, the Zoo, and the better known places of historical and natural interest or entertainment. The programme will include a fairy fantasy, “The Gnome’s Grot,” a "combination of refined fun and profound mystery,” accompanied by original vocal and instrumental music, and Mr Maskelyne's famous spiritualistic sketch, "Mr's Daffodil Downey's Seance," which has been staged up-wards of 3,000 times at the Egyptian Hall. A series of psychological problems, marvellous and amusing, will be introduced by Herr and Madame Valadon, and the programme will also include animated photographs (up to date). The company of 23 accomplished artistes is under the personal direction of Mr David Devant, who for so many years has been associated with The Egyptian Hall.

Northern Echo - Friday 10 November 1899, p. 3. 

L'équipe se dirige ensuite à Middlebrough pour de nouvelles soirées.