The Launch of the "Shamrock"


The Launch of the "Shamrock"

THE challenger is seen, supported on a pontoon, ready for launching. She is launched straight towards the camera, and comes so close of the picture that every detail is seen.

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 26/06/1899 75 ft
4 Grande-Bretagne


31/07/1899 Grande-BretagneEastbourne David Devant  The Launch of Sir Thomas Lipton's Yacht, the Shamrock 
28/08/1899 Grande-Bretagne, Folkestone David Devant The Launch of the Shamrock
11/09/1899 Grande-BretagneCheltenham David Devant The Launch of the Shamrock 
02/10/1899 Grande-BretagneNottingham David Devant The Shamrock
09/10/1899 Grande-BretagneHarrogate David Devant Launch of the “Shamrock” 
23/10/1899 Grande-Bretagne, York David Devant The Sailing of the Shamrock


1899 001

Shamrock I
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