Williamson's Kinematograph Films, Revised to Sept., 1899

0001 Two Naughty Boys Upsetting the "Spoons"  
0002 Two Naughty Boys Sprinkling the "Spoons"  
0003 Two Naughty Boys Teasing the "Spoons"  
0004 Washing the Sweep  
0005 Winning the Gloves   
0006 The Forbidden Lover  
0007 Sloper's Visit to Brighton-Donkey Riding  
0008 Sloper's Visit to Brighton-Bathing  
0009 Sloper's Visit to Brighton-Chiuked Out  
0010 The Jealous Painter  
0011 The Clown Barber  
0012 The Fraudulent Beggars  
Sports and Pastimes Series
0013 Cricket   
0014 Clown Cricketers   
0015 Water Polo  
0016 Greasy Pole (Water Sports)   
0017 Four-oar Races-at Henley Regatta  
Military Sports
0018 Tent-pegging A  
0019 Tent-pegging B  
0020 Musical Ride A., B. & C.  
0021 Hurdle Jumping  
0022 Parallel Bars Display  
0023 Parallel Bars Display  
0024 Horizontal Bar Display  
0025 Bayonet Exercise  
0026 Plaiting the Maypole  
0027 Dumb-bell Exercise  
0028 Lady Cyclists  
0029 Fishing-smack Race  
0030 Diving  
0031 Bank Holiday at the Dyke, Brighton  
0032 Switchback Railway  
0033 Children Bathing  
Country Life Series
0034 Blacksmiths at Work-Tyring a Cart-wheel  
0035 Harvesting  
0036 Seed-threshing  
0037 Horses Ploughing  
0038 Oxen Ploughing  
0039 Sheep Washing  
0040 Children Plaiting the Maypole  
0041 The Minuet  
0042 Sir Roger de Coverley  
0043 Highland Fling  
0044 Sword Dance  
0045-0047 Quick-change Dancer  
Miscellaneous Subjects
0048 Express Train and Level Crossing  
0049 Henley Regatta: Crowd inside the booms  
0050 Henley Regatta: Crowded Course  
0051-0054 Henley Regatta: Panorama of the Course  
Barnum's Procession
55.A Forty Horses and Band Car  
56. B Elephants  
57. C Elizabethan Cavalcade  
58. D Landing of Columbus  
59. E The Landing of Columbus  
60 Volunteers  

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