Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Manchester est une ville d'Angleterre (Grande-Bretagne).


Le Cinématographe Lumière de Félicien Trewey (Palace of Varietes, 23->27 novembre 1896)

Félicien Trewey présente son cinématographe au Palace of Varietes à la fin du mois de novembre :

MANCHESTER.—PaIace of Varieties.—The programme that is presented at this house this week again contains some very creditable " turns." When I was present on Monday the juvenile Sisters Marshall exhibited some very nice work ; their singing was acceptable, and their pas de deux well executed. The younger of the two, with very infantile voice, is full of vivacity, with actions that are amusing and very pleasing.
What is announced as the only and original Lumiere's Cinematographe, under the sole management of Monsieur Trewey. was a magnificent success. The house, as each animated photograph was exhibited on the screen, was filled with enthusiasm and tremendous applause. The pictures, all of which were admirably announced by Mr. A. D. Anderson. the stage manager, who possesses a distinctly telling voice, included an animated view of Piccadilly, London ; a Burmese juggler giving an entertainment before interested spectators ; sheep on the way to a slaughter-house ; meeting of old friends, these included lady cyclists, who dismounted from their machines, equestrians, who also dismounted, and others, all in animation and exhibiting real and active life ; railway train entering station ; very interesting processional scenes of mounted military, etc., at the wedding of Princess Maud ; fire brigade call, this had to be repeated ; bathing in the Mediterranean ; charge of dragoons ; a water-shoot, this had also to be repeated ; and others.

Music Hall and Theatre Review, Londres, vendredi 27 novembre 1896, p. 12.

L'O.S. Cinematograph de Phil & Bernard (Palace, 22-31 décembre 1896) → 1897

L'O.S. Cinematograph de Phil & Bernard fait partie d'un spectacle théâtral.

manchester 1896 12 phil bernard
The Manchester Courier, Manchester, mardi 22 décembre 1896, p. 1.

Les séances se prolongent jusqu'à la fin de l'année et au-delà.

→ 1897