Phantom Ride (Robin Hood's Bay)

1903 06 27


Phantom Ride (Robin Hood's Bay)

THIS film differs from many taken on this principle in depicting some of the most beautiful coast scenery in England. The picture shows the view from the front of a train on the Scarborough-Whitby line, which is full of curves, and glimpses of the bay are seen at intervals.

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 > 05/11/1898 80 ft
4 Grande-Bretagne, Scaborough→Whitby


18/08/1898 Grande-BretagneBarnstaple Maurice Victor The Phantom Ride
05/11/1898 Grande-BretagneReading Walter R. Booth The Phantom Ride
“The Phantom Ride” another fine photo. It is taken from the front of the Flying Scotchman. After going some distance through cutting and over bank, tunnel is reached, and presently all is quite dark with an occasional flash of the tunnel lamp till nearing the end, when the faint glimmer of light appears and gradually gets lighter and lighter till broad daylight appears.
Berkshire Chronicle, 5 November 1898, 5.