The Launch of H.M.S. "Albion"

1903 06 26


The Launch of H.M.S. "Albion"

This memorable launch, attended with such sad loss of life, is here seen in all details. After the view of the actual launching of the vessel, the rescue of those who survived
the collapse of the staging is shown. They are drawn from the water into small boats, and hurried off to be resuscitated.

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 21/06/1898 80 ft 
4 Grande-BretagneLondres, Blackwall  


18/08/1898 Grande-BretagneBarnstaple Maurice Victor The Albion Disaster
14/10/1898 Grande-BretagneDartmouth Ernest Wighton The Launch of the Albion 
05/11/1898 Grande-BretagneReading Walter R. Booth The Launch of the Albion 
03/12/1898 FranceAngers Oger/Daue Le Désastre de l'Albion
20/07/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Eastbourne
David Devant
The Launch of H.M.S. "Albion"