Royal Engineers

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Royal Engineers

Among the varied duties of the Royal Engineers is that of constructing and exploding "Land Mines." The enormous mass of earth thrown up by an explosion—as here depicted—forms a natural trench and cover for infantry attacking a fortified position. The Corps has men specially trained as "listeners," whose duty it is to locate the enemy's mines, and by "counter-mining," to frustrate their designs.

Another example of constructional work is the building of a "Trestle Bridge," which is sometimes used when pontoons are not available. The bridge is put together in sections, which are floated into position on barrels.

These are only a few examples of the range of work done by the Royal Engineers, but it will be seen there is a splendid field for advancement for a recruit, with a good
education, who joins this Corps.

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Exploding a Land Mine

VERY few people ever see the sight so vividly portrayed in this picture. Some hundredweight of explosive having been buried for the purpose of making an excavation, it is exploded electrically, the method of doing this being clearly shown in the commencement of the film. The view then changes to that of the open country, where suddenly the enormous mass of hundreds of tons of earth is projected into the air, the debris being scattered until the whole picture is a mass of flying earth.

Constructing a Trestle Bridge

These bridges are used for the purpose of crossing comparatively narrow rivers, and are built of rough timber and poles lashed together. The scene opens with the floating up, on barrels, of one of the trestles, so constructed that it forms a continuation of a bridge partly made. It is lowered into position, fixed, and boarded over. The bridge having been completed, the working party charge across it in order to test its strength.

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