Royal Engineers

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Royal Engineers

This Corps, whose Head - quarters are at Chatham —with detachments in every part of the Empire—supplies practically the whole of the skilled mechanics and executes the constructional work required for the Service. In its ranks are to be found engineers, electricians, aeronauts, telegraphists, land surveyors and draughtsmen.

Their combatant duties are shown in the Escalading Practice, in which the men advance under cover of the firing party, lower ladders, descend, rush the moat, and ascend the other side and capture the fort.

The construction of a Redoubt also forms part of the work of the Royal Engineers. The walls are composed of sand-bags (loopholed), through which the defenders fire, and the men are protected underground in casemates from Artillery fire.

When an Army is impeded in its progress by a river, a Pontoon—or bridge of boats —is constructed by this Corps, so that the troops, both Artillery and Cavalry, are enabled to cross. This bridge is so made that the whole can be taken to pieces, and thus easily transported in wagons over the most difficult country.

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Escalading and Capturing a Fort

By the courtesy of the officer commanding a most interesting example of this method of attack is obtained, several hundreds of men taking part in attack and defence. The scaling ladders are brought up by a number of soldiers, whose advance is covered by a firing party, sent for the purpose of keeping down the hail of bullets sent from the fort. Rushing up towards the edge of the moat they lower the ladders, descend quickly, and raise them on the opposite side. They then swarm up and reach the base of the mound on which the enemy are placed. The charge is headed by their captain, and, dashing up, they take possession of the fort.

Building a Pontoon Bridge

WHEN an army is impeded in its progress by a river of great width a bridge of boats is constructed, in the manner plainly shown in this photograph. The boats are floated up and got in position, and timbers are placed across them, until a bridge is made capable of carrying across the whole army. The picture concludes with some scores of men charging on to the partly completed bridge.

Defending a Redoubt

A CIRCULAR enclosure constructed of sand bags, branches, etc., is made for the protection or the men, who at the commencement of the scene arc hidden below the ground in holes or case-mates, built for the purpose. At the word of command the men are seen swarming out of these like a number of ants. They line the walls of the redoubt and fire through the loop-holes; on being ordered to charge they climb over the walls, and make a dash for the enemy.

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