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Mounted Infantry have been brought. into prominence by their great utility and mobility during the present campaign, and are likely to be extended very considerably
in numbers. This example of mounted infantry work is executed by the "King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment."

The men of this regiment are also seen trench digging—one of the most important developments of modern war-fare, as the work is absolutely necessary where no natural cover exists.

The Maxim gun plays an important part in modern battles. It is dragged into action by the detachment, and is a most effective weapon—particularly in stopping a "rush."

The Cyclist Sections act as Scouts, Despatch Carriers, &c, frequently covering many miles of country, and are a most useful adjunct to an Infantry Regiment. They frequently take the place of mounted orderlies. Efforts are being made to introduce a Cyclist Section in all line battalions.

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PAU 1900-AL


Mounted Infantry

The mobility of one of our smartest regiments "The King's Own” may be judged from this lively view. The men are in khaki ready to leave for South Africa, and gallop rapidly towards and past the camera, horses and men straining every nerve for the highest speed.

Digging Trenches

Here the men in khaki of the same regiment are depicted, a long line of them having been ordered to throw up a trench, as would be done in the case of an attack. They vie with each other in their work with pick and shovel, and before the conclusion of the film some of them are forced to stop and wipe the perspiration from their foreheads.

Soldier Cyclists in Action

ALTHOUGH the use of the cycle in warfare has only lately been developed, nearly every regiment has a cyclist corps, but none are smarter than those here seen. They ride over the roughest ground, dismount from their cycles into the trenches, fire and retire all in the space of about a minute. The quickness of action and brilliant smoke effects make a very successful picture.

Maxim Gun Drill

THE usefulness and mobility of this weapon is known to many, but cannot fail to be brought home to the minds of those who see this film. The gun is handled by the men with great dexterity as they run it up from a distance and fire it from the trenches.

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1 Paul  
2 Robert W. Paul

3 ≤ 18/09/1900 40 ft + 40 ft + 70 ft + 60 ft
4 Grande-Bretagne  


03/11/1900 Grande-BretagneNorwich Walter R. Booth Infantry at squad drill


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