Joining the Army

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Joining the Army

A man who decides to join presents himself for enlistment, and, after a preliminary examination by the Recruiting Sergeant of his weight, height, chest measurement and sight, he is questioned as to whether he has previously served, and his general description, place of birth, and other particulars are recorded.

If these tests are satisfactorily passed, he is taken before the Medical Officer, who sounds his heart, examines his muscles, and requires him to hop, in order to see that he is not suffering from varicose veins.

After the medical examination the Recruit takes the Oath of Allegiance, which is administered by an Officer, who, by virtue of his Commission, is entitled to exercise the function of a Magistrate. Having now become a soldier, his first day's pay is handed to him, and he is marched off to the Regimental Depot to commence his training.

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PAU 1900-AL

Joining the Army

The mode of enlistment of a recruit is clearly shown. Then follows the examination by the medical officer who feels the recruit's heart, examines his muscles and requires him to hop. A batch of recruits is then shown being sworn in before the magistrate, and moving off to the regimental depot in charge of a sergeant.

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1 Paul  
2 Robert W. Paul

3 ≤ 18/09/1900 160 ft 
4 Grande-BretagneLondres, London Recruiting Depot, Trafalgar Square,  


03/11/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Norwich
Walter R. Booth The Spell of the Recruiting-sergeant
07/11/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Colchester Walter R. Booth The Recruit Joining the Colours
03/12/1900 Grande-Bretagne, Kettering Walter R. Booth The Recruit Joining the Colours 


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