The William Terriss Memorial Lifeboat House


The William Terriss Memorial Lifeboat House


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2 Walter Robert Booth
LAUNCH THE LIFEBOAT.In the presence of a large concourse of spectators, some of whom found shelter from the rays of a July sun in a capacious marquee in the Wish Tower Grounds, the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the William Terriss Memorial Lifeboat House was performed on Saturday afternoon by her Grace the Mayoress of Eastbourne (the Duchess of Devonshire.) The presence in the enclosure of guard of honour of the Eastbourne College Cadets, the band of the Sussex Artillery Militia, the Lifeboat men in their caps and cork belts, the aldermen in their robes, the Fire Brigade in their blue uniforms and brass helmets, and the Eastbourne Rowing Club Senior Crew with their new galley all served to render the scene an interesting and memorable one. There are few places where a crowd of fashionably dressed people can be seen to greater advantage. Needless to say our leading local photographers were busy, and they have secured some excellent pictures. And for the first time in the history of Eastbourne a cinematograph operator was at work. Mr. Horace Chester was present on behalf of Mr. David Devant, who is to appear at the Eastbourne Town Hall next week. Mr. Walter R. Booth, who manipulated the cinematograph apparatus, was able take succession of pictures which will enable those who could not attend the function to see the “animated photographs" which will ready in time for Mr. Devant’s entertainment. We are looking forward to them with considerable interest. Mr. Booth, we noticed, had one of his hands bandaged up; and the history of his mishap is on this wise: Desiring to obtain a picture of an explosion, he made the needful preparations. But some slight hitch occurred. The explosive did not “go off” at the expected moment. As he was examining it to see what was amiss he met with an experience similar to that which befalls the man who goes to look for an escape of gas. There was an unexpected explosion, and Mr. Booth was fortunate in escaping with some alight injuries to his hand.
Eastbourne Gazette, Eastbourne, 20 July 1898, 3.

Cinématographe views of the proceedings were taken for Mr. David Devant who will show them at the Town Hall next week.

The Stage, Thursday 21 July 1898, 9.

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20/07/1898 Grande-BretagneEastbourne [David Devant Terriss Memorial Stone
The animated photographs have been greatly improved. Although the unpleasant flickering sensation has not quite gone, the pictures are more distinct and clear. In the views depicting the laying of the foundation stone of the Terriss Lifeboat House, one easily recognises the faces of the Duchess, the Deputy-Mayor, the Vicar, the Town Clerk, and other local celebrities. Later, we see the senior rowing crew partaking of the contents of their championship cup.
Eastbourne Gazette, Wednesday 27 July 1898, 8.


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Arrival of her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire
© Photo by Mr F. A Bourne, Rembrandt Studio, Langney Road Eastbourne
The Duchess Laying the Foundation Stone
© Photo by Mr F. A Bourne, Rembrandt Studio, Langney Road Eastbourne
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The Guard of Honour-Eastbourne College Cadets
© Photo by Mr F. A Bourne, Rembrandt Studio, Langney Road Eastbourne
The Duchess of Devonshire Christening a New Galley
© Photo by Mr F. A Bourne, Rembrandt Studio, Langney Road Eastbourne
Eastbourne Gazette, Wednesday 20 July 1898, 3.


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The William Terriss Memorial at Eastbourne-Mr. Charles Wyndham Speaking
Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, Saturday 23 July 1898, 8.