Two Infants at Tea



Twins' Tea Party

Two Infants at Tea, laughing, playing and crying. 

PAU 1896


Two Infants at Tea; very amusing and interesting.

PAU 1897-01

The Twins' Tea Party

AN improved edition of a favourite film. Two children are taking tea at a table, when a quarrel occurs over the cake. One of them gets smacked by the other, causing her to cry vigorously, the expressions being very funny.

PAU 1903-06

Two Infants at Tea

Very amusing.

PAU 1897-03


1 Paul 35 (1896), 9 (1897) Devant
2 Robert-William Paul  
3 < 31/08/1896 40 ft
4 [Grande-Bretagne]  


31/08/1896 Grande-BretagneLondres R.-W. Paul The Twins’ Tea Party 
  paul alhambra
 Programme, Alhambra Theatre, 31 août 1896
© Theatre Museum, Covent Garden
26/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne,Île de Wight, Ryde [David Devant] The Twins’ Tea Party
09/11/1896 Grande-Bretagne,Cirencester [David Devant] The Twins' Tea Party
14/11/1896 Grande-BretagneSheffield [David Devant] Twins' Tea Party
10/11/1897 Grande-BretagneGreat Marlow David Devant The Twins' Tea Party 
21/01/1898 Grande-BretagneWhitchurch [David Devant] The Twins' Tea Party 
13/06/1898 Grande BretagneJersey Ernest Wighton  The Twins’ Tea-Party