Rescue of a Child Fallen Overboard


Up the River

Steam Launch, from which one of the passengers drops a child, which is promptly rescued by a swimmer from the bank.

PAU 1896


Exciting Rescue of a Child who has fallen overboard.

PAU 1897-01

Rescue of a Child Fallen Overboard

PAU 1903-03


1 Paul 28 (1896), 6 (1897) Devant
2 Robert-William Paul  
3 <31/08/1896 40 ft
4 Grande-Bretagne, [Londres], Tamise  


31/08/1896 Grande-Bretagne,Londres Robert-William Paul  
paul alhambra
Programme, Alhambra Theatre, 31 août 1896
© Theatre Museum, Covent Garden
25/09/1896 PortugalLisbonne, Real Colyseu Edwin Rousby A salvação de uma creança por Mr. Paul 
19/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne, Cardiff Robert-William Paul  

Robert W. Paul is the inventor of the Animatographe now at the Alhambra, London. He will personnally superintend his production here.
The Pictures exhibited will be selected from the following:
1. Blacksmiths, Engineers, and Machinery at Work at Nelson Dock, London
2. Struggle of a Bookmaker with the Police, and his arrest.
3. Arrival of the Paris Maritime Express at Calais, and Passengers disembarking.
4. Scene on Blackfriars Bridge, London, with traffic.
5. Landing of a Boat Party on Brighton Beach.
6. A Comic Costume Race at the Music Hall Sports, July 14th 1896.
7. Procession of Life Guards and State Carriages leaving Marlborough House.
8. Steam Launch-a child overboard!-the rescue.
9. Children and dogs at play in the field.
10. The Gordon Highlanders
11. A very comic scene of Love and War.
12. Continuation at foregoing.
13. Spanish Street scene.
14. Bathing scene at Lisbon,
15. The finish of the great race of 1896, showing the victory of the Prince of Wale's horse Persimmon.
16. Continuation of the above, showing thousands of people rushing on to the course.

South Wales Daily News, Cardiff, october 19, 1896, 1.

26/10/1896 Grande-BretagneÎle de Wight, Ryde [David Devant] Up the river 
14/11/1896 Grande-BretagneSheffield [David Devant] Rescue up the River
10/11/1897 Grande-BretagneGreat Marlow David Devant River Scene: The Rescue 
21/01/1898 Grande-Bretagne, Whitchurch [David Devant] A Gallant Rescue from Drawning