An Indian Animal Tournament

1903 06 14


An Indian Animal Tournament. Bull versus Bull. Ram versus Ram.

A LARGE HULL belonging to the Maharajah of Jaipur is held by a number of Indian natives. The animal is suddenly let loose and we next see it fighting the Maharajah of Bikaner's bull. The two hulls are seen with heads down going for one another in the arena, butting and pawing the ground up. They go round and round in a most scientific way, just as two wrestlers would, one endeavouring to throw the other.
THE next item is a fight between two rams who arc held at the start by natives, a certain distance apart, and at the signal let go. The rams, with heads down, run at one another, and are seen to meet in the centre, head to head, with a terrific bang. Should one of them not run straight his opponent goes over. They then back again of their own accord knowing full well when they are far enough apart. Then they suddenly go for one another again, and so keep on till one turns rail, the other being reckoned the winner. Each Maharajah having at his Palace an arena they invite each other to these animal fights as in the old Roman days. A picture that is quite unique, and not cruel, as the animals are not allowed to hurt each other. 

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 [1903] 100 f
4 Inde