The Return Home of the Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain

1903 06 11


The Return Home of the Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain (March 14th, 1903.)

A PICTURE showing four different views of the reception accorded The Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain after his tour in South Africa. The first shows the arrival of the s.s. "Norman" alongside the ocean quay and the landing of the Right Hon. gentleman, who afterwards walks along the quay right up to the front of the camera, an exceedingly fine photograph being the result. The second view shows the departure from the Hartley Institute after the reception, my camera being placed right in front of the carriage which Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain entered, and another fine portrait is obtained which lasts on the screen for some considerable time, as Mr. Chamberlain is seen to stand up and repeatedly take his hat off in response to the acclamations of the crowd. The third view shows his arrival at the West Station, Southampton, the fourth finishing with the departure of his train for London. On the front of the decorated engine is seen a photograph of the "Man of the Hour," which gets gradually larger as the engine approaches the camera until the front of the engine fills the whole of the picture, and Mr. Chamberlain's photo forms a fine conclusion of a fine series. Excellent quality.

PAU 1903-06


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