The Washerwomen and the Sweep

1903 06 09


The Washerwomen and the Sweep

THE picture opens with three girls busily engaged doing their weekly washing, when suddenly the chimney-sweep is seen to enter and tells them he has been instructed to sweep the chimney. The girls angry at having been disturbed in their work by such an. unwelcome intruder, tell him that he must postpone sweeping the chimney and order him to leave the place. At this he is highly amused, refuses to go, and forthwith proceeds to kiss one of the maids. Enraged at his impudence they drag him to the wash-tub and proceed to lather his face and head with soap giving him a ludicrous appearance. They then pull him towards the mangle. and run him through it. When taken out of the mangle he is perfectly flat presenting a most comical appearance. The girls then hang him up on the line to dry, when he suddenly comes to life again, to be revenged on the girls, one he pushes into a tub of wet clothes, then he takes his bag of soot and empties it all over them and their clean clothes. A most laughable and interesting picture.

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PAU 1903-06


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