The Dice Player's Last Throw

1903 06 07


The Dice Player's Last Throw

THREE gentlemen arc seen playing dice at which game the host repeatedly loses. His guests persuade him to try a last throw, at which also he is unsuccessful. He pays them, and wishes them to leave him, but refuses to shake hands. Left alone, a prey to despair, he pours out a glass of spirits, and angrily dashes the tumbler at the mirror over the mantleshelf, smashing it to atoms. He throws the bottle of spirits on the fire and from the names leap out imps representing playing cards, which dance round him, until, maddened by their antics and effects of his folly, he stabs himself, while the head of a devil grins at him from the fireplace. A thrilling picture.

1903 06 07 1903 06 07b

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 [1903] 160 f
4 [Grande-Bretagne]