Naval Manœuvres

1903 06 04


Naval Manœuvres

THIS film was taken from H.M.S. Trafalgar and Niobe by the kind permission and courtesy of Captain Primrose and Captain Ferguson

Although taken in stormy weather it gives an extremely fine photographic effect, the clouds and waves being well rendered. H.M.S. Niobe is seen steaming at full speed followed by a line of huge battle-ships, approaching directly the camera, a fleet of destroyers follows, pitching and tossing m the rough sea, and the film concludes with a fine picture of H.M.S. Anson.
The above picture is of very fine photographic quality, and will be of great interest for a long time to come.

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 [1902-1903] 100 f
4 Grande-Bretagne