Dr. Lehwess's Motor Car


Dr. Lehwess's Motor Car, Leaving for a Tour Round the World

THE picture opens with Dr. Lehwess sitting in his celebrated Panhard Car, which has been specially constructed for a tour round the world, attended by the Argyle Car that is to accompany it, and both are seen leaving Hyde Park, followed by numerous small automobiles. The cars are next seen on the road passing through Kingston Gate, travelling smoothly along until they are within three miles of Guildford, when the back wheel tyre of Dr. Lehwess's car becomes punctured. An interesting scene shows everybody giving a willing hand to repair the tyre. Clear and steady.

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 29/04/1902 90 f
4 Grande-Bretagne, Londres, Hyde Park  




lehwess lehwess 03
Dr. E. E. Lehwess,
who will conduct the "Passe-Partout" motor round the World
The Sketch, Londres, 7 mai 1902, p. 311
The Start from Hyde Park Corner for the motor tour round the world
This sporting tour has been organised by Dr. E. Lehwess, who is accompanied by Mr. Max Cudell and Mr. Morgan Browne.
The Sketch, Londres, 14 mai 1902, p. 262