Bloodhounds Tracking a Convict

1903 06 01


Bloodhounds Tracking a Convict

An Exciting Picture in Three Scenes, which way be shown separately if desired.

SCENE I.-THE STONE-YARD AT PORTLAND.-A group of convicts are breaking stones, when a visitor, passing through away a cigarette stump, which is slyly picked up by one of the convicts, and leads to a good deal of fun, until a warder, who sees them idle, orders up a young convict with a heavy barrow-load of stones. The warder·gets angry at his slowness, and prods him with the bull-end of his rifle. This enrages the other convicts, one of whom knocks down the warder with his hammer; the young convict, making a daring leap, escapes, and is fired at by the warders.

1903 06 01 1903 06 01 b

SCENE II.-An alarm having been given, bloodhounds are fetched from the Radnage Kennels, and are put on his scent, some horsemen following them. They are then seen in full cry, going across a field and through a wood, where the convict is hidden. The latter, knowing his danger, leaves his hiding-place, and runs to a heap of brambles, with which he covers himself. The dogs appear, and are about to pass the ambush, when one of them finds the scent, and the whole pack soon surround him. Two warders, breathless with haste, run up and seize the convict, who is soon overpowered, and is marched away by the warders and guard.

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SCENE III.- A fine near view of the pack of bloodhounds who are being fed at their kennels. This picture gives a clear idea of the appearance and characteristics of these famous animals.

1903 06 01 e

THE above series is of the finest photographic quality, and of novel interest, being the only picture of the kind as yet taken.

PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 [Robert-William Paul]
3 <06/06/1903 (The Era, Londres, 6 juin 1906, p. 31)
65 f + 190 f + 85 f
4 Grande-Bretagne