Armand D'Ary


Armand D'Ary

French Danseuse and Chanteuse. Pantomine, Song, etc.

EDI 1894-10


1 Edison  
2 W.K.L. DicksonWilliam Heise  
3 [03/1894]-[05/1894] 50 ft
4 États-Unis, West Orange, Black Maria


29/12/1894 AustralieSydney, 148, Pitt-street kinetoscope Ary Armand's Café Chanson interlude
The Kinetoscope Exhibition in Pitt-street comprises at present the Cock Fight, the Boxing Cats, and Ary Armand's Café Chanson interlude, with other animated subjects. The French comédienne's comic action is essentially Gallic, giving the spectator a vivid idea of the kind of gesture popular with the frequenters of the Boulevards; and all the Kinetoscope subjects furnish food for admiration or mirth.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, 29 Dec. 1894, 5
04/06/1895 Grande-BretagneÎle de Man, Derby Castle H. S. Williams  Armand d'Ary
Armand d’Ary (French chanteuse and danseuse, the latest Paris and New York “rage”).
Isle of Man Times, 4 June 1895, 2.
18/06/1896 PortugalLisbonne, Real Colyseu Edwin Rousby A célebre chanteuse caracteristica Armand d'Ary
17/07/1896 PortugalPorto, Theatro Príncipe Real Edwin Rousby

Uma cantora de café-concerto
A celebre chanteuse Armand Ary


armand ary

Reutlinger, Armand'Ary
Le Panorama, Paris s'amuse, Paris, L. Baschet Ed., c. 1900