The great athlete going through breathing exercises and displaying his muscles.

BIO 1902


1 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company 37  
2 n.c. Sandow.
3 < 13/12/1896. 136 ft/23 ft. Modiglione.
4 États-Unis. New York. Studio.  


13/12/1896 États-Unis, Detroit, Wonderland The biograph Sandow's performance
Biograph Will Stay
Several changes in the pictures will be made this week. Sandow's performance, exhibiting the marvelous muscular development of this modern Apollo will be among the new pictures. It is said to be particularly perfect. The twisting and writhing of his muscles lilke knotted rope is as clearly shown as if the living Sandow was before the audience.
Detroit Free Press, Detroit, 13 décembre 1896, p.. 20.
17/01/1897 États-UnisBoston, Keith's Theatre The biograph Sandow displaying his muscles
26/02/1897 États-UnisWashington, Willard Hall The Biograph Sandow, the strong man
The Biographe.-The greatest triumph of the biograph, the American invention being exhibited at Willard Hall, was reached last night, when a moving photograph in original colors was thrown upon the screen. Sandow, the strong man, was the subject, and every motion of his immense muscles was plainty seen, while the colors were perfect.
Evenig Star, Washington, 26 février 1897, p. 10.
24/03/1897 États-UnisPaterson. Apollo Hall. Biograph Sandow, the strong man